February Meeting

Maverick's Grille
15 E. Agate Ave (Hwy 40), Granby, CO
Monday, February 17 from6:00-8:00pm


Congressman Joe Neguse has been invited to our meeting this month.  We will also be talking about Caucus, this will be our last regular meeting before Caucus so bring your questions!

And don’t forget to mail your ballot for the Presidential Primary!


Gathering starts at 6pm in the restaurant area, food and drink service is available.  .

The meeting will be called to order at 7pm.

Come and join us!


Maverick's Grille
Granby, CO 80442

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Shanna Ganne to Run for County Commission in District 2

Nonprofit Leader, Artist and Mom Makes Election Bid to Advocate for Preserving Community, Healthy Workforce

Lorena Garcia for US Senate
Meet and Greet at The Perk in Winter Park

Presidential Primary Ballots are OUT!

Ballots were mailed out on February 11, you should be receiving your ballots in the mail within a few days.

Remember, ballots must be deposited in the ballot drop-boxes by 7pm on March 3. POSTMARK DOES NOT COUNT!

Drop your ballot at any of the drop-boxes located around the county, or vote in-person at the County Admininstration building on March 3.

Here is an example of a ballot. Mark one candidate, place your ballot into the secrecy sleeve, seal it in the provided envelope, and BE SURE TO SIGN THE ENVELOPE.

Votes for Michael Bennet or John K. Delany will NOT be counted, according to the Colorado Secretary of State. More information here

Votes for Michael Bennet or John K. Delany will NOT be counted, according to the Colorado Secretary of State. More information HERE

House Judiciary Committee Video

A link to a short video released by the House of Representatives, Judiciary Committee, on the Constitutional justification for impeaching President Trump.

Impeachment is not about “committing a crime” or “overturning the results of an election”.

Impeachment is about removing an elected official who is a threat to our representative Democracy.

A link to the House Judiciary Committee report on the Constitutional justification for impeaching President Trump.


Read Felicia Muftic in the Winter Park Times

Felicia Muftic is now writing her column for the Winter Park Times.  Pick up a copy at one of the yellow stands around the Fraser Valley, or read her online at the Winter Park Times.

(Note:  The views expressed by Felicia do not represent the official position of the Democratic Party of Grand County.  Links are provided without representation or endorsement of the views expressed.)


Election Demographics by Party Affiliation

Breakdown by State

This graphic is commonly seen as evidence that "the United States is majority conservative". Red areas show majority Republican areas, while blue areas show majority Democratic areas.

Breakdown by Population

However, when we draw the map using squares that are sized by equal population, we get the following map:

Notice that this map shows a distinctly different plurality of political affiliation for the United States.

The political affiliation based on population has a Democratic/Progressive tilt, the map is much more blue.

The take-away from comparing these two maps is that "Dirt doesn't vote!"

In other words, large areas of the United States are sparsely populated, yet seem to dominate the map of political demographics. When the map is adjusted to show population proportionately, the map becomes MUCH more blue!

Grand County

Finally, let's look at the political affiliation of registered voters in Grand County.

Is Grand County really majority Republican?
Not really - it is majority Democrat and Unaffiliated Voters!

Think about that the next time someone tells you that Grand County is a Republican stronghold.



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