County Democrats

Grand County

Grand County is the place we call home.  A place of majestic mountain beauty, wide-open landscapes, and incredible sunsets.  Like the environment that surrounds us, Grand County Democrats believe that our county can be a model of cooperation and inspiration for future generations.

Ballots Counted in 2020
Using the following Secretary of State page to find your registration, check party affiliation, and make administrative updates (like changing your voting or mailing address): 
Caucus is the most local level of party organization. The most important thing we do is elect delegates to County Assembly. At County Assembly, candidates seek the votes of 1/3 of delegates in order to appear on the June Primary ballot. So caucus is the first step in choosing who will be on the June ballot.
We also elect precinct organizers, submit platform planks (issue positions), recruit election judges, hear from candidates, and most importantly, we get to see our neighbors.

Grand County Democrats will hold our County Assembly on Saturday, March 12, in-person at 1pm. Observation is open to all, but participation is restricted to delegates elected at Caucus. That’s why you should come to caucus!

Our Right to Vote

The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy.  The Democratic bill, known as the Freedom to Vote Act, would make it easier to register to vote, make Election Day a public holiday, ensure states have early voting for federal elections and allow all voters to request mail-in ballots.